Data Description

Group I images are considered normal, Group II cases are considered metaplasia lesions and could lead to cancer lesions. The images were acquired using an Olympus GIF-H180 endoscope at the Portuguese Institute of Oncology (IPO) Porto, Portugal during routine clinical work. Optical characteristics of this endoscope include 140o field of view and four way angulation (210o up, 90o down and 100o right/left). Annotations were performed independently by two medical experts (Dr. Dinis-Ribeiro, Dr. Miguel Areia) leading to a gold-standard final annotation which is used here.

The specific goal of this challenge will be to classify the manually segmented region of each image as either ‘Normal’ or ‘Abnormal’. Dataset includes both image files and region annotation files (28/28 for Group I cases, 60/60 for Group II cases).